Get a Clear View of Your
Financial Future

Reed Lake was built on integrity and honesty. We help you see the big picture,
looking beyond financials and figures to focus on your life goals and legacy.

Giving you a long-lasting plan starts with a holistic approach.

We look beyond your investment portfolio and help you see the big picture. And we stay on top of your financial plan by being proactive about making decisions.


Asset Management

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Retirement Planning

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Estate Planning

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Risk Management

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Come to a place where you’ll feel welcome and well cared for.

We want to help you feel that your financial future is in a safe, secure place. For us, doing our job well means taking the weight of uncertainty off of your shoulders.

We are passionate.

We’re committed to helping you feel secure about your finances.

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We are technology-driven.

We use advanced and efficient technology to provide you with the best service.

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We are accessible.

We are there when you need us - organized and ready for action.

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We follow through.

We believe in doing what we say, and we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

The help you need to shore up your long-term goals.

The help you need to shore up your long-term goals.

We look beyond your basic investment portfolio and dig deeper with an approach that targets planning, investing, and living fully. We ask questions that get to the heart of your life’s goals and generational planning objectives, combining old-world values with cutting-edge technology.

We founded this business to help you build your legacy.

Chris Jones has more than 30 years of experience in financial services and wealth management, providing objective advice for families, professionals, and closely held businesses. Michael Irvin, who has more than 15 years of banking and finance experience, joined the firm in 2022. He works primarily with small business owners and high net worth individuals to develop and implement holistic strategies.


Chris Jones, AWMA®

Managing Partner
Private Wealth Advisor

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Michael Irvin, MBA

Private Wealth Advisor

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Julie Jones

Practice Manager

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Anastasia Curtis

Client Service Manager

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See your financial future in a new light.

We are passionate about helping you find a place where you feel comfortable about your finances and your future. Let us help create a plan that gives you a clearer view.

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